Ivarius Faldine
07 March 2010 @ 03:32 pm
I've been trying to watch Remus play the Sims 2. It looks like a fun game; my Sim decided to kiss August's Sim without August or Remus telling him to. He then spent most of the night cuddling out on the lawn with August's Sim watching the stars. August took him along for one of the Asian-themed vacations and he got struck by lightning while using one of the hot springs. I couldn't see the result, but I could imagine it well enough. Remus told me my Sim was blackened and looked as though he'd taken a roll in a soot heap. Help me include a picture Remus?

A screencap. )

Sadly I think my shoulder-leaning and attempts to see the game by partially fronting have given Remus his headache. :(
Music: El Diablo by Arcadia
Mood: curious