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Ivarius Faldine ([personal profile] climbingivy) wrote2007-04-06 03:47 pm
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To reach an understanding

Regardless of what post I make, if you reply with something along the lines of "I can relate because", I will not make a snack of your head. Reading between the text to find questions of do you really understand, though? is not something I'm going to worry myself over. Perhaps I give people too much benefit of the doubt, though something tells me this isn't so. Believe me, if you say you understand? I'll believe you unless given ample reason to think otherwise. I'm not going to psychoanalyse you for my own personal glory.

Now turn that coin over.

I enjoy being able to relate to people. My imagination is in working order, for all I know it's on overdrive. Making connections is something I do all day, every day. I group things, I list things, I maintain categories of families and measures. Call this a side effect of being a musician and a herbalist, if you will. Give me a stanza and I'll be able to improvise upon it, re: this does not mean I physically understand whatever you throw at me but it does mean I'll be able to draw a line between myself and what you're talking about. It means I will try to understand. I do this because I care, I enjoy thinking, and people are capable of being lovely beings when I'm not terrified to talk to them.

Honestly, stop reading so far into things that you come across nonsense that isn't there, nor intended.

Sadly, those whom I address may never have a chance to read this. I've sequestered myself over in this little niche to avoid it!